Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the programming for girls only? 
Our mandate, to help girls and young women in our community comes from a profound realization that in today's society, a child's gender is an overpowering predictor of available opportunities. In a "girls only" environment, the ability to be strong, smart and bold is fostered and equity is paramount. In a "pro-girl, all-girl" environment, girls are encouraged to take positive risks, to interact with more female role models, that girls' needs and interests are served and that all girls are recognized for their achievements.

Q. Where do the programs come from and why are they different? 
All of the programs are research-based and field-tested. They are specifically designed and age appropriate for girls and cover a wide range of topics that are important to girls such as math, science and related technologies, economic literacy, personal safety, health and well-being, leadership, media literacy and more. All of the programs are delivered by professionally-trained facilitators and encourage the girls to become leaders, learn skills and have fun.

Q. How can I help? 
There are several volunteer opportunities to help out at Special Events and Committee Work. Young people are also needed to help out with our events and the hours donated qualify for Community Service Credit. Volunteering with us is fun, gratifying and inspiring for all.