Supporter Highlight: The WOMB

Hello Girls Inc. of Halton supporters!

Today we are highlighting two of our Celebration Luncheon attendees and closest community supports, Lorri Fleming and Angie Stenback, the co-founders of The WOMB! These two incredible women sat down with us and chatted about how The WOMB began, their love of being doulas, the future of the WOMB, and their passion for inspiring women and girls to be strong, smart and bold!

Fleming and Stenback originally came together when they started the Halton Doula Group in 2007. As their team of doulas, lactation consultants, and childbirth educators got busier and they found themselves making more referrals to other services in the area, they realized that the best thing to do for their clients was to have a place for them to access everything they need under one roof.

“Let’s support women who are having children through their pregnancies, through early parenthood, and let’s provide for them under one roof all the support we would have wanted to receive, and all of the support that we are providing to our clients by sending them out to different places,” says Stenback of their decision to open The WOMB. And so, The WOMB was born.

After opening their doors in 2014 in Milton, Fleming says that they realized the services that their clients needed didn’t stop at pregnancy and birth, but expanded much further than that. “What we’ve realized since opening The WOMB is that it starts with pre-conception, fertility, pregnancy, birth, parenting, and now we’re at that ‘and beyond’,” says Flemming.

The “and beyond” is where the WOMB started to connect with organizations and services like Girls Inc. of Halton. Fleming and Stenback started to show their clients that they could help them through other transitions and challenges that come their way, such as going back to work as a mother, and when Fleming met Girls Inc. of Halton executive director Shelley Nicholls at a Mompreneurs event, she knew it was a perfect match.

“It was a no brainer, when we met Shelley, to be able to provide and support such an organization in our community that supports girls,” says Stenback. “We are starting from conception and helping these moms, but if we can provide something beyond that, once these babies are growing, let’s continue this feeling of empowerment, this support of girls and women.”

Fleming and Stenback also reflected on their own experiences as women and as mothers of daughters, and how important an organization like Girls Inc. of Halton is to them based on these experiences.

“We each have daughters so we know how important it is to raise them being strong, smart and bold,” says Fleming. “I would love for other girls to be able to become strong, smart and bold without having some of the traumas [that I experienced].”

Fleming and Stenback are expanding The WOMB with a Burlington location set to open later this year. They are hoping that in future years they will be able to expand further, and with this they are hoping to grow their connection with Girls Inc. of Halton.

“We’d like to evolve how we can share and collaborate more with Girls Inc. because it’s definitely in line with our values,” says Fleming.

We’re excited to work more with The WOMB in the future as well!

Want to learn more about The WOMB? Click here to visit their website and to keep updated on their expansion:

Girls Inc. of Halton Celebration Luncheon Auction and Goody Bag Donations

Hello Girls Inc. of Halton supporters! 

We've finished summer camp for the year and are currently working on the final details for our upcoming Celebration Luncheon, which takes place on August 31, 2017 from 11 AM-2 PM at the gorgeous Spencer's at the Waterfront in Burlington.

One part of these final details is gathering items for our auction and goody bags at the event. For the auction and goody bags, we are looking for donations from local businesses and organizations including items that would appeal to our attendees (i.e. local business and community leaders in the Halton area and GTHA) and services or discounts on services that could be of use to our attendees. 

Have an idea for a donation but not sure if it would fit our event? Email us at with your donation idea and we'll let you know if it would work well for this event or, alternatively, a future event. Don't have an item or service you want to donate but still want to support Girls Inc. of Halton? Visit our Sponsorship page here for more details. 

Thank you for helping us continue to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold in Halton!




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